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Jane Orlov


Immigrating to the United States from Russia with little formal education due to childhood illness, Jane Orlov was consistently battling low self-esteem and a negative internal voice. It wasn’t until Jane found her first multi-level marketing company that she discovered the path of personal development that created a life changing mental shift. She transformed from a shy housewife named Jane to the (very appropriately named) ‘Jenya The Russian Firecracker’ – a financially free, self-confident powerhouse! Jenya found a powerful ally in one of the most creative places – a video camera. She started to use videos because she wanted to voice her excitement about the company, the products and personal envelopment and she didn't want friends and family's rejection... From there she turned into a full time video blogger and took a prize of being The TOP female MLM blogger of 2012... She loves empowering women by her example and educating people about toxic-free and organic lifestyle! Come join her on this adventure and change the world one person at a time!!!

Jane Orlov was born in Russia. When she describes the Russian culture toward women, it is shocking and dreadfully sad. Most Russian girls, including Jane, from birth through adulthood are made to feel unwanted, uneducated, and worthless, without purpose or meaning. For many years Jane looked at herself in this way. She describes her early-self as a self-conscious, overweight housewife with no purpose. Back then she also said she felt stupid for not finishing college.

Once in America, however, Jane found our remarkable learn-as- you-earn industry. Jane became very passionate about the industry of direct sales because of the self-development trainings and the business and leadership trainings that occur regularly in our field. Within a short period of time, Jane found herself transforming into a self-confident and fast growing social media network marketer. Personally, Jane is passionate about having a great relationship with her 2 kids. 

Professionally, she’s passionate about being surrounded by positive minded leaders, accomplishing goals and inspiring and leading others, especially women, to gain confidence and reach new levels of success. I’m going to share a quote from Jane now. Jane said, “Once I found this industry, I was very skeptical that it would work for me, an average person “who hated sales” and who only had a few friends and no influence on them whatsoever. But I did my homework, I got proper training, I connected to leaders and I experienced tremendous self-growth. I was able to overcome a lot of fears in my life, I broke out from my shell.” Now Jane has a large social media following, and helps others to build their businesses. Her mission is to have more people look at our industry with different mindset. She feels fortunate to have found  Essanté ORGANICS and knows it is very unique and offers the very BEST. Her favorite parts are the corporate team, with over 68 years of combined experience in the industry, the product line, with 100% Certified Toxic Free, Organic and Chemical-FREE products…. and the best compensation plan in the industry. Please help me welcome Jane Orlov….

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