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Len Mooney


Len Mooney spent many hard years in the corporate world, specifically climbing the ladder to middle then upper management in technology. Len shares the shocking truth of how the corporate world is now obsolete for the masses; it will never provide the security and freedom people deserve through retirement.

Len shares he went from being rich; owning a business that grossed over five million in revenue… to being devastatingly poor 3 years later; to the point he contemplated dumpster diving for his next meal.  So Len reinvented himself, and today he helps others do the same.

Today, Len is a published author who helps people understand the benefits of what he shares is the ideal business model, a business with no: overhead, employees, product stock, or licensing.

Len shares he now enjoys traveling the world and his life is free from worries about time and money.  Thanks to his new business model began to fulfill his dreams: he is an PADI Master Scuba Diver (and a few of his favorite dive spots are Palau, Fiji and Australia).  Len is also an avid snow skier now; he’s lived several seasons at Kirkwood Meadows, a ski resort town in California.  In between Len loves traveling the highways and byways of America exploring by way of his RV, backpacking, camping. Len also loves flying his plane to exotic places including Mexico and the Caribbean.

He’s grateful he’s found a way to enjoy all these things thanks to time freedom. Len shares that freedom from time and money constraints are many people’s goals and he enjoys working together with those goal oriented people, by sharing a proven path that allows them to achieve both their goals. He helps others to build a life devoid of worries about finances and time.

Whatever your passion is, Len helps you structure your life and business with your passion at the center of it.  He will share why he chose Essanté Organics as his business platform and how he makes a difference in people’s lives every day.

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