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Lisa Kitter


Meet The Broke Single Mom From Alaska, Who Became An Entrepreneur Success Story.

Lisa Kitter speaks candidly about her humble beginnings, being raised in Alaska, without running water or electricity. She gives an interesting and awe-inspiring perspective of what it was like, to become a single Mom at age 18 and the many challenges she overcame, while making her son, Brenden, her lifelong inspiration.

She’s been broke, she’s been a single mom, and she has felt broken, yet Lisa pulled herself up, time and time again.  Each time she came back stronger and more determined to accomplish her goals and to inspire others to do the same.

Lisa shares openly what it’s like to be down to your last dollar, and inside one of the lowest points in your life, and she  shares exactly what to do to turn it all around. 

Lisa’s journey from low point to high point began in 1985 when she became a work from home business professional. She began by simultaneously juggling being a mom and a businesswoman. Several years later Lisa had transformed herself into a happy, successful, full time, work from home entrepreneur.

Today, many recognize Lisa by her pseudo names, “The Queen of Thinking Big” and “The Prospecting With Posture Lady.” Her very first audio training series, released in 1998, has sold over 30,000 copies to date! Lisa is a published home-business author, and she’s been featured on numerous television and radio shows across North America.

Her passion is inspiring, empowering, and teaching others to become home business professionals and entrepreneurs, and how to achieve more happiness, prosperity, peace of mind and time freedom… all while having fun!

As a devoted wife, mother, nana and committed leader, Lisa enjoys sharing with others her no nonsense approach to creating personal and financial freedom while navigating the juggling act that comes along with pursuing any worthy endeavor. She coaches, mentors, teaches and guides people, from all walks of life, through the step by step process of climbing “The Success Mountain.”

Lisa chose Essanté Organics as her home for life, come to The Great Green Event and discover why it’s the perfect mission and home for everyone.

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