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Maja Servé


Maja was born in Denmark. She grew up living an organic, alternative healing and sustainable lifestyle.

Her family grew everything they ate and her mother made all the personal care products. Her grandfather taught her about the power of the mind, the use of herbal medicine as well as natural and energy healing. When her bother turned 19, he left the organic lifestyle and only 17 years later he died of cancer. This event cause Maja to want to educate the world about alternative health and healing.

She started to formerly study human potential while at the same time becoming a world class ballroom dancer. After retiring from competitive Ballroom Dancing and ranked 4th in the world, she went to Taiwan to be the mental coach for their Olympic team. After moving to the US she helped the US ballroom dancers reach a world class level all the while deepening her level of understanding human potential even more.

In 1996 she met Bob Proctor and soon became a student of his. She got certified as a life coach under Bob Proctor in 1998. While living in Los Angeles she grew her own produce and made her own personal care products like her mother did back in Denmark. She however started getting so busy that she had no time to do everything herself. This lead her to start the search for organic and toxic free products. When she found Essanté Organics she knew she had found her home. There were many things all pointing to Essanté being the right company and business for her. She has never once doubted or deviated from her decision to join Essanté Organics. Essanté has helped with many health issues and she is now healthier and happier than ever. Essanté Organics is helping her fulfill her life mission and dream.

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