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Angie Levine


CMO & MARKETING COACH with a history of success. "Angie Levine has a gift for genuinely connecting with people in a real way. She not only touches lives, she teaches others how to touch lives. I'm proud to call her a friend and mentor." ~ Michael Bernoff, Human Communications Institute "Angie Levine is a source of light. When she focuses that light on you, or your team, or your company, you win. I was not surprised to see she assisted her company (Essanté Organics) to win 2 Global Business For Home Awards because they are (awards) based on merit. I'd work with her again anytime." ~ Bill Farley, Former Owner of Christian Dior, BVD and Fruit of the Loom

As a marketing coach, Angie Bolender Levine has opened on stage for world-famous results coach Tony Robbins, and she’s been featured on video with Oprah Winfrey.  In 2010, Mr. Michael Wenniger, CEO of Essanté Organics, met her one fateful evening at networking engagement at a sushi resturant, in Scottsdale Arizona.  Michael knew instantly, if he could court Angie, and her husband Dr. J.J. Levine, and engage them in the greatness that is Essanté Organics, their iconic business acumen would result in a branding and culture genesis for Essanté Organics.  

Following a one year courtship, Angie Levine shared with her husband, “I truly feel, this is the grand finale our careers have led us to.  We can be foundational instruments for good on a global scale, with the most special company we’ve ever encountered.  We can be true to our core values.  Let’s impact more lives and say yes to Mr. Wenniger.”  Angie Levine was welcomed as Essanté Organics’, Chief Marketing Officer in 2011, yet her path to becoming a world renowned marketing and results coach began in Florida where she studied communications and marketing at Florida State University (FSU). She has dedicated over 2 decades to her passion; marketing through expert communication.  When asked to share her thoughts on communication Angie said, “Every relationship, both business and personal, will rise with communication and fall without it. Great communication begets great results.” 

Following FSU Angie Levine worked as a telemarketer for a small firm, becoming their top national producer in 3 months.  She was promoted to Chief Of Operations, overseeing their national sales force.  She restructured their training system, created a reward-based culture and doubled the company’s morale and sales in 4 months. Angie Levine went on to assist two global direct sales companies with their marketing materials and training systems and was featured on both company’s international corporate videos. Angie and her husband, Dr. Levine, The President of Essanté Organics, are well known for their honesty, positive mind-set, and ability to set benchmarks within the direct sales industry. Their exemplary sales performance in the field and expertise in assisting their companies to break industry records has garnered this power-couple multiple international direct selling awards including: top enrollers, best training systems, best support, top retention, top income earners and MVP advisory board members.

Angie recalls the day she started her adventure with Essanté Organics, “I was determined to put Essanté Organics on the map as an award winning, globally recognized company.  I was attracted to the challenge of establishing global branding, simplified training and superior operational systems that would allow the field to capture the major market share in the next 4 trillion dollar industry of organic living.  I also saw and experienced a missing link in the industry, and vowed to change it: the need for every Field Executive to be immediately connected to a simple, proven training system.  Essanté Organics’ GoGreenGetPaid.com/Training system is second to none and it’s free.  Success for every one is literally one click away.”

In less than 2 years, Angie Levine assisted Essanté Organics in earning the prestigious title of 2013 BUSINESS FOR HOME TOP DIRECT SALES COMPANIES IN THE WORLD.  In record time she and the corporate staff built Essanté Organics into a green powerhouse by: establishing congruent global branding, creating a happy and connected culture, designing a system-based service-experience, launching a new industry-disruptive website, promoting educational and celebratory events, delivering high-visibility field recognition and implementing free, proven, award-winning trainings and marketing tools.

We asked Angie why she does what she does and she shared this, “I feel purposeful because Essanté Organics is bigger than myself or any one of us here.  We are a community that marches together and the green footprints we leave make a difference.  That makes me happy.  I also enjoy supporting everyone within the company. I’ve always done this in my former companies yet here, at Essanté Organics, there’s no red tape, because I hold the tape dispenser and I threw that annoying thing in the trash my first day here”.  

Angie Levine’s philosophy is to always put the field first and ensure the field and corporate are highly connected.  This philosophy is one of the foundational elements that makes Essanté Organics magnetically attractive.  Angie smiles warmly, her eyes fill with focus and emotion and she concludes our interview by sharing a little about her mission, “People go where there is excitement yet people stay where there is support, trust and love. It’s my business to assist every Wellness Warrior to enjoy a newfound level of ToxicFree™ enlightenment, true health, and generational income. Essanté Organics is a vehicle that delivers success in all areas of life. I have a lot of fun riding in the passenger seat with each Wellness Warrior in this fast, eco-friendly-vehicle called Essanté Organics.”

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