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Dr. Rebecca Natrajan


Title: MD, Gastroenterology Specialist, Online Medical Consultant at Essanté Organics
Medical Director: In the wellness industry
Education: Hahnamann University, Washington University, Jefferson College
Specializing In: Nutrition, Weight Release, GI Issues

Dr. Becky Natrajan educates on the importance of selecting certified organic products to enhance the body including: cellular strength, detox, skin/hair/dental rejuvenation and more.

Dr. Becky Natrajan educates on how certified organic products, including hair, skin, body, baby, nutrition and home care, are essential for overall quality of life, especially in the toxic times we live in.

Dr. Becky Natrajan shares, “I introduce one superior, trusted product line, the only product line I use, to those I consult with in practice. These products make my clients and me feel phenomenal. I have put my body in an alkaline state, lost weight and increased my energy and clarity because of this premium line. I work with individuals who want to reduce the toxins in their body and home in a quick, easy and trusted way.”

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