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Ron S.

Nobel Prize Finalist

Title: Immunoenzymologist
Awards: Nobel Prize Finalist
Formulator: Essanté Organics pH Nutrition Line
Founder: The EG Education, Training and Seminar Center in Fort Peck, Montana
Teacher: Teaches certification courses on the use of the darkfield phase contrast microscope for nutritional blood analysis

Witness a live before and after blood study at this event: Before taking an enzyme supplement and after taking it. The large screen monitor shows the vast and undeniable health support differences, in real time!

Ron S. is a Nobel Prize Finalist, Immunoenzymologist, and nutrition product formulator for Essanté Organics. He is passionate about: formulating superior supplementation, sharing holistic education with the public, and showing the before and after results on how Essanté Organics supplements support the body. He does this by taking and sharing a finger prick blood sample on the large monitor for all audience members to see and learn about. The before and after difference are undeniable. Humans need supplement enzyme therapy to support blood cleansing, immunity and GI digestion.

Ron S. (at Essanté Organics each formulator’s last name is kept private for proprietary and privacy purposes) introduced his breakthrough enzymatic and ionic mineral findings, and their key role in supporting immunity, at a 1999 HIV-AIDS summit and in 2001.

Ron’s enzyme and ionic mineral achievements gained him the title of Nobel Prize Finalist. His vast enzyme findings have been featured on Oprah Winfrey, Good Morning Canada, Street Talk of Chicago, radio shows & in medical conferences domestically and abroad.

At the event he will educate on exactly how easy supplement enzyme therapy is and how it supports the digestive system, the immune system, the blood and overall health. Ron is a globally awarded leading expert in enzymes and nutrition. His passion is being a part of Essanté Organics formulation team and sharing the dynamic supportive benefits of enzyme supplement therapy.

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